February 2017 Chapter Meeting

February 13, 2017
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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Deep River Event Center
606 Millwood School Rd
Greensboro, NC 27409

"Why Won't They Listen To Me?"

As a project manager, you know you need more influence, but you’re not "the boss," right?   Most of the time as project managers we’re brilliant at the technical parts of project management, and man, wouldn't it be a huge help if people would just listen?
In this interactive, fast-paced session, you will see how you can think differently about building influence by answering the the ESSENTIAL three questions others are asking (but they don't ask them out loud!)
Answer these three questions correctly, and people will follow you anywhere.  You know you need a lot of "followers" to complete your 2016 projects, and this session will give you real, actionable ideas that you can use immediately to increase your effectiveness as a project manager.

Speaker's Bio - Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper found himself a complete failure at influencing other people, and made it his mission to understand how to connect with and influence others.  As a husband, father, software developer, organizational leader and project manager, Tom eventually discovered how to get the help he needed from others.  With that knowledge, Tom ascended the corporate ranks to deliver projects on time and on budget, working with teams who didn't directly report to him.  Today, Tom is a speaker, trainer, executive coach and podcaster. His mission is to “help geeks communicate, delegate, manage conflict and plan.”



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