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June 2022 Chapter meeting - While the Robots Are Coming, We Still Own the Plug!

Power Skills

This session will explore the definition of AI and its impact on Human Resource practices including how job seekers may need to prepare for their next role.  It will equip project leaders with new or renewed soft and technical skills needed to aid in successful AI implementations and adoption. Finally, there will be insight into understanding relationships between AI and human beings in this rapidly changing world.

Geraldine “Geri” Glass is a change agent with stellar record of accomplishment implementing large-scale Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Offices worldwide, directing massive IT application development programs, leading global IT organization restructurings, and process improvement. She has delivered strategic leadership and transformative technology to diverse organizations including UNC Health Care, Quintiles, Cisco Systems, BCBS NC, and IBM. She consistently motivates and inspires cross-functional, matrixed, and multicultural global teams.

Technology is in the driver seat of meeting business and societal wants and needs. We swing on the pendulum of instant gratification vs worrying about our jobs becoming obsolete.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological game changer especially in Human Resource hiring practices.  Companies are moving towards leaning out their people and processes which causes panic on how employees are screened, selected, or no longer required.  As project leaders it will be important to navigate and understand that while the Robots are coming, we still own the plug!

As project leaders you will be able to leverage project management principles, methodologies, and tools with AI implementations. From a human resource perspective, you will need to navigate operational, technical, and human capital impacts more than ever before.  During these moments you will need to remain calm, focused and leverage your code of ethics.

The session will explore how AI aka “The Robot” is driving business and technology decisions within HR practices that impacts their most valuable resources – humans.  We will also explore the notion that company, and project leaders’ level of “control” is either limited or does not exist aka “Pulling the Plug” which lends itself to we humans will succumb to being replaced by artificial brains or robotics. Additionally, we will take a peek into understanding how to approach our own job search with or without AI from the job seekers position.


 Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will obtain a high-level understanding of AI and how to apply project lifecycle practices
  2. Participants will gain an understanding of how HR practices and processes (e.g. candidate screening, resume screening, etc., ) are changing for both HR Staff and Job Seekers
  3. Participants will obtain a checklist to assist with project deployments and identify adoption barriers
  4. Participants will obtain tips on what to expect and do if you are a job seeker in today’s market

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Hybrid

Type of activity: Power Skills

Date: June 14th, 2022

Hour: 6:30PM to 8:30PM

# of PDUs: 1.5


Members: $10.00

Non members and Guests: $20.00

Students: $10.00


111 Bain Street

Greensboro, NC, 27406

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