The NC Triad PMI Chapter is proud to partner with SoftEd on selected project-related training. SoftEd has demonstrated a strong commitment to project professionals through regular content and other kinds of contributions to local PMI chapter members.

To this end, SoftEd offers the following Subscriptions:

Business Strategy and Leadership Subscription

  • 24 CDUs available
  • 24 PDUS available
  • 8 Business Strategy
  • 8 Leadership
  • 8 Technical

Offers Include:

  • 12, one and half hour courses on Business Strategy and Leadership with recorded access, slides and follow up learning reference guide. Slides can be used as needed to become part of your presentation slide collection.
  • 12, one hour leadership and strategy circles, preset meeting time with self-organized topic selection
  • A one-on-one career coaching session for each person who registers, to build a plan around two to three learning goals to stay relevant: personal branding strategies and recruiter and networking strategies. Max time 45 mins per session

Session Topics:

  • All delivered through the lens of Professional Business Analysis and Project Professionals
  • Multiple SoftEd instructors will Present Topics
  • Technical Trends Driving the World of Work for 2021 and Beyond
  • Business Model Fundamentals
  • Understanding Product Strategy and Product Management
  • Fundamentals of Business Macroeconomics, Economic Theory in Action
  • Business Value Analysis
  • The Human Work Machine and the Art of Getting things Done
  • PM and BA Working to Thrive in Solution Development and achieving Business outcomes with Value.
  • Practical Adaptive Leadership
  • Understanding Digital Disruption and IoT
  • Professional Skills Boot Camp: Pragmatic Tools and Techniques
  • 11. Leadership the Agile Way; Applying Agile Concepts and Methods in Non-IT Situations
  • 12. Unlearn to Learn: Build the Skill to Drop the Expendable and Learn the Essential


  • Non-members: $149.95
  • Members $99.00

Free Substitution

No cancellation once paid


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