By-Laws and Officer Elections - Let Your Voice Be Heard

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In the coming weeks, members of the NC PMI Triad Chapter will be asked to participate in our annual business. 

We need your help by voting on 2 items in the coming days:

1) Please review and consider our updated by-laws found here. We have posted the new draft as well as the currently adopted document.

PMI chapters are required to update their by-laws every three years. This year's update reflects small updates from the approved version (adopted in 2017) for board positions and succession planning as well as additional policies that keep us in compliance with the global PMI organization. 

**Please vote on whether or not to approve the new update**

2) Please vote on the new slate of officers to be shared in the coming weeks. We have sought out some newer officers and are excited about current officers who would like to continue to build upon prior year's successes.

**Please vote on each of the open positions**

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Stacey at

Thank you for your participation in this important chapter business!

Your NC Triad PMI board