President's Message


A new year is upon us and I can’t help but reflect on all that has been accomplished what opportunities is out there for us in 2018.

What we have attained over the last year has been phenomenal. We continued to provide training and networking through our chapter meetings. Our Guest speakers focused on providing a balanced educational platform, which included technical skills, leadership and strategic business management.

The board realized how much we all can band together when we hosted the PMI Region 5 meeting in March.  We received many thanks and congratulations on this event and we can all be proud of being part of this opportunity to welcome PMI leaders from the other Region 5 chapters.  Thanks goes to everyone!

We held our annual Professional Development Day (PDD) in October. This provided networking opportunities and quality training events delivering high value to the PMI membership. I want to give special thanks to the PDD sub-committee that organized the event. The day was a grand success due to our keynote speaker Scott Cabornara, all the session speakers and the wonderful GTCC conference center.

We, your new board of directors look to continue the momentum from last year throughout this year. We know that this is a team effort and we are always looking for volunteers for assistance and ideas. Share your energy and talents to help our chapter flourish. You can volunteer as a committee member or committee lead.

One challenge we all undertake in 2018 will be to understand the changes to the PMBOK.  As our PMP training team reviews these changes and gets more information, we will share them with everyone and be able to deliver the high quality PMP training to new perspective Project Managers.

In closing, I am looking forward to the opportunities in 2018.                                                  

Best Regards,

Connie Tolppi
PMI NC Piedmont Triad Chapter